Trevor Oaks dominates, Edwin Rios and Johan Mieses talked up by Baseball Prospectus

I guess anyone can get 27 outs in AAA these days. Just a few days after ex-Dodger prospect Jharel Cotton threw a complete game one-hitter, Trevor Oaks responded with a  complete game three-hitter. Maybe all the good hitters have been promoted to the major leagues?

This was by far the best game of Trevor Oaks career, along with giving up only three hits he struck out eleven. His previous strikeout high was ten back in April. In 2014 and 2015, Oaks never struck out more than seven in any game. The sinkerballing Oaks has climbed from A ball to AA ball to AAA ball in one season. If he gets a look in Sept he can say he did the Brock Stewart.

Baseball Prospectus did a prospect chat and Edwin Rios and Johan Mieses were given some love. It is not surprising since Rios is crushing at AA, while Mieses is destroying the California League.

CJ (Detroit): BEST Prospect nobody is talking about?

Wilson Karaman: I dunno about “best,” but I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to work Edwin Rios into this chat, so by gum I’m a-gonna take this as my opportunity. He got promoted to AA a couple weeks ago and has continued to buck all logic and profile doctrine to post disgusting power numbers there in spite of a hyper-aggressive approach and hella length in his swing. He’s got really impressive hand-eye and body control in his (gigantic) weight transfer, and he attacks the point of contact like a runaway train, so when he *does* hit the ball he hits it very, very hard. He moves about as quickly as a three-toed sloth on the dirt, and he’s one of the slowest guys I’ve seen all year going down the line, so paired with the swing-at-most-pitches approach, it’s really not a profile that tends to sniff major league potential all too often. But he’s one of those “stop what you’re doing, this guy’s up” hitters, or at least the minor league version thereof, and he’s sorta starting to force the conversation with this breakout year.


Emmett (Massachusetts): So Johan Mieses has had himself quite a week. Has your opinion on him changed since your report in May?

Wilson Karaman: I *just* wrote up an update on Mieses for our “Notes From the Field” that’ll run tomorrow, so tune in manana, there’s before and after video involved. Short answer is that they’ve overhauled his swing mechanics and he’s made the kind of adjustments that he needed to make to get him closer to the 4 I hung on his hit tool. I still see him as having the kind of pop and defense to be a valuable Chris Young type down the line, and the recent hot streak hasn’t altered that assessment.

Here’s that earlier-season report:


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