Chase responds big to either cheers or boos

If you don’t want Chase Utley to go off on you the best choice of action as a fan is to sit on your hands. Upon his return to NY,  he was booed relentlessly and even watched a fastball sail behind him. He responded to this by driving in four runs in the first game and hitting two home runs and driving in five runs in the second game including a grand slam.

Tonight, Philly phans gave Chase a standing ovation and then watched him dismantle their team with two home runs including a grand slam.  Does that sound familiar? After each home run, Chase was given a standing ovation. The damndest thing you will ever see from an opponents phans.

Chase has had a good year, but he’s really had four exceptional games where he did much of his damage.

  • May 27th, 4 runs batted in
  • May 28th, 5 runs batted in, two home runs, one grand slam
  • June 14th, 4 runs batted in, one home run
  • August 16th, 5 runs batted in, two home runs, one grand slam.

Chase has 39 runs batted in, and 18 of them have come in four of his 101 games. Chase has 10 home runs, and five of them have come in three of his 101 games.

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  1. 68elcamino427

    At age 37, Utley is enjoying his best season in four years.
    His ability to stay on the field for 101 games this season is quite a feat.
    Chase Utley’s performance last night was jaw dropping and wonderful to behold.
    In the post game last night, Roberts went out of his way to compliment Utley on his leadership and stress how much this is helping others on the team as well.


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