Yadier Alvarez fans ten in full season league debut

20-year-old Cuban bonus baby Yadier Alvarez finally gave Great Lake Loon fans something to cheer about with a stunning debut. Alvarez who had been fine tuning his game in Arizona this spring and summer showed everyone what all the hoopla was about striking out ten of the fifteen outs. Great Lake fans can only hope he sticks around all summer so they can get a good long look at one of the Dodgers top pitching prospects.

The Dodgers had been handing out big money to Cuban refugees for a few years with little to show for it but maybe they have something they can hang their hats on this time. Unlike these Cubans,  Erisbel Arruebarrena, Alexander Guerrero, Héctor Olivera, and Yasiel Sierra who were all established Cuban professionals, Alvarez is still a project and just turned twenty this past spring.  We had been hearing since he signed that he could hit 100 MP and was an elite arm, so it is nice to finally see the arm in action in full league baseball. I say full league baseball because time has taught me not to pay any attention to anything that happens until the prospects graduate from the rookie leagues to the full season leagues. It took a while, but it finally sank in.

The Dodgers put Alvarez in the perfect situation to succeed. The MidWest League is a pitchers league, and now that warm weather has hit the midwest, more amenable to someone used to pitching in Cuba’s tepid weather.  Hopefully this first game is just a sign of things to come for someone with huge expectations on his shoulders.



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