The Tulsa Trio does a one step as Willie Calhoun blasts two home runs

On any given day this summer, someone in the Tulsa Trio be it Alex Verdugo, Cody Bellinger, or Willie Calhoun usually does something to write about. Many times it has been two of the three and even three of the three.

Last night,  however,  it was only Willie Calhoun who stepped out and made a name winning the Prospect player of the day.  Willie slugged two home runs, with one of the home runs nearly leaving the park. Casey Goldman has the call.

The 21-year-old Calhoun is now 2nd in the Texas league with 19 round trippers, trailing only 23-year-old Matt Chapman. More impressively Calhoun has struck out only 48 times while displaying such impressive power.

The problem for Calhoun is that he’s a 2nd baseman but not a very good one. It doesn’t take much imagination to see Willie getting moved to the AL this summer  because it sure looks like that bat will play. Somewhere.


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