LAD All-Stars 1980 – 1989, the Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser decade


1980 – The decade started with a bang as the Dodgers hosted the 1980 All-Star game, and had six representatives, led by the historical infield with Garvey, Lopes, and Russell all making the team.  All four position players started but went a combined 0 – 7. Lopes only got one at-bat before being replaced.  This was clearly a case of stuffing the ballot as Lopes had no business starting the all-star game in 1980. The pitchers fared a bit better, Welch got hammered, but Ruess followed him by striking out the side in the sixth inning and collecting the win.  This was Reggie Smith’s last all-star appearance. He made seven in his career and three as a Dodger.  This was Jerry Ruess and Bob Welch’s only Dodger all-star selections.

1981 –  would, of course, start the Fernando era and end the historical Dodger infield era. Fernando would go on to make six straight all-star games, but this would be the last time anyone of the Garvey/Lopes/Russel/Cey infield would make an all-star team as a Dodger. Garvey made eight straight from 1974 – 1981, Lopes made four straight from 1978 to 1981. Ron Cey had made six straight from 1974 – 1979 but would not make one in this decade. Cey was the best hitter on the team in 1981 but failed to make the all-star team. Somehow Bill Russell made three all-star teams but 1980 was his last one.  Dusty Baker after a long career as a Dodger finally made his first all-star game. This also marked the first all-star game for Pedro Guerrero who would go onto to be the best slugger for the Dodgers in this decade.  Burt Hooten always underappreciated made only one all-star game and this was it.  Fernando started the game and pitched one scoreless inning. Burt did not far so well giving three runs and five hits. The other notable aspect of this all-star game is that it was not played until Aug 9th due to the work stoppage.

1982 – The 1982 team had the 1980 ROY Steve Howe, 1981 ROY Fernando and the eventual 1982 ROY Steve Sax, plus long time Dodger Dusty Baker making his last all-star game.

1983 –  had Pedro Guerrero and Steve Sax along with Fernando. Steve Sax started out his career with a bang, making the all-star team in first two years, but that would be it for the hyperkinetic Sax until 1986. Sax would lead off the game and score the first run after reaching on an error and stealing 2nd. Pedro had become one of the most feared hitters in the NL by 1983, raining down a reign of terror upon NL pitchers that would not end until 1989.

1984 – Mike Marshall made his first and only all-star appearance in 1984. At just 23 it looked like Mike would join Pedro as a feared duo and while Mike would be a good hitter, except for one season in 1985 he never achieved the levels expected of him. Fernando pitched two scoreless innings in the all-star game.

1985 –  was the Fernando and Pedro show. Pedro was all world in 1985, leading the NL in OBP, Slug%, OPS, and OPS+. He would not get an at-bat in the all-star game. Fernando pitched one scoreless inning.

1986  – saw Pedro break his ankle and miss most of the season. Fernando and Sax got the all-star call. This would be the last all-star game for both of them as Dodgers. Sax had by far his greatest season and greatly deserved the honor.  Fernando had made six straight all-star games and was only 25, but this would be his last, so he went out with a bang. Fernando hurled three shutout innings, strike out five, including five in a row.  Possibly the greatest all-star pitching performance by a Dodger.

1987 – With the changing of the guard in 1987 came Orel Hershiser. This would the first of three straight for Orel even though he should have gone in 1985. Pedro bounced in with his last big year for the Dodgers.  Orel pitched two scoreless innings.

1988 – is famous for Kirk Gibson not being an all-star even though he won the MVP. Orel was the only representative for eventual World Champions and pitched one scoreless inning.

1989 – The decade closed out with the Bo Jackson all-star game.  Orel made the team for the 3rd time in a row and was joined by Mike Scioscia for the 1st time. Recently acquired Willie Randolf made the team for his sixth time, first and only time as a Dodger. Jay Howell made the team for his 3rd time, but his first time as a Dodger, and the last time in his career.

Year All-Star 1 All-Star 2 All-Stars 3-6
1980 | Steve Garvey | Davey Lopes | Jerry Ruess, Bill Russell, Reggie Smith, Bob Welch
1981 | Fernando Valenzuela | Pedro Guerrero | Davey Lopes, Steve Garvey, Burt Hooton, Dusty Baker
1982 | Fernando Valenzuela | Steve Sax | Dusty Baker, Steve Howe
1983 | Fernando Valenzuela | Pedro Guerrero | Steve Sax
1984 | Fernando Valenzuela | Mike Marshall |
1985 | Fernando Valenzuela | Pedro Guerrero |
1986 | Fernando Valenzuela | Steve Sax |
1987 | Orel Hershiser | Pedro Guerrero |
1988 | Orel Hershiser | |
1989 | Orel Hershiser | Jay Howell | Willie Randolf, Mike Scioscia



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