Michael Taylor goes from penthouse to doghouse in five days

Five days ago Michael Taylor destroyed the Padres with four hits, two home runs, one double, and was on top of his baseball world as the Nationals headed up to Chavez Ravine.  Dusty Baker announced to the world that Taylor had earned all at-bats against left-hand pitching going forward.

Taylor however,  got the short end of the stick, by having to face Clayton Kershaw on Monday and future Clayton Kershaw on Wednesday.  Predictably Taylor didn’t get any hits against Kershaw and went hitless in all four of his at-bats. Yet, he did not strike out once against the major league strikeout leader.  Baker like all managers backtracked on his statement and started Ben Revere against left-hander Kazmir. Revere went hitless so Taylor found himself back in the lineup on Wednesday Night.

Taylor struck out three times once so far this year before Wednesday.

His At bats:

  • Urias strikes him out to start off game
  • Urias strikes him out in the 3rd to end the 2nd after consecutive doubles, including one by the pitcher, Joe Ross. It was a pivotal moment with Werth and Harper due up.
  • Urias strikes him out again in the fifth
  • Casey Fien strikes him out with two on and two out in the 7th and fits him with a sombrero
  • With two on and one out in the 9th, Pedro Baez strikes Taylor out for the fifth time

At this point.  you can’t have had a worse game. The platinum sombrero, several in key moments, but he had to take solace in the fact his team was still winning 3 – 2.  Yet even that solace was taken away when Puig rocketed a 108 MPH  ground ball up the middle and through his glove. He watched Howie Kendrick scamper home with the tying run, he  watched Puig scamper home with the winning run.

Michael Taylor did not hang his head as he left the diamond, he held his head high, took the questions, and like any ballplayer who has had a day like this, yearned for tomorrow, because the best thing about baseball, there is always a tomorrow.




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