LAD by the numbers

AJ Ellis has scored one run since May 1st, while reaching base sixteen times

Yazmani Grandal has scored four runs in June, five runs in May. By my math the LAD catchers have scored ten runs since May 1st. I don’t think that is good, even for slow catchers batting eighth.  Forty four games, ten runs.

Howie Kendrick has driven in three runs in June in fifty-five plate appearances, thirteen hits. One of those RBI came on his own home run.

SVS has had only four hits in June, two doubles, one home run, four runs batted in, twenty-two plate appearances.  Bullish slugging S%

Justin Turner has four home runs in his last six games, sporting a slug% of 1.048. Shawn Green nods in appreciation.  Turner has driven in 28% (9 out of 32) of his runs in the past six games. Turner has hit 40% (4 of 10) of his home runs in the past six games.

Joc Pederson has walked only once in the past 14 days, but has hit five home runs in that same time period.  Swing away Joc, swing away

Chase Utley has been sitting on 999 career runs scored since June 14th. He has had a single in each of the last three games. Given how many home runs that JT has hit, and how many doubles Seager has hit in the past three games, how has he not scored a run yet?




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