Future Dodger or trade chip Alec Verdugo with a highlight throw

Great throws send chills down my spine, and this throw by Alex Verdugo was no exception. 

I mean come on, the runner is on 2nd, the ball is hit to deep right center, Verdugo cuts in front of the right fielder going away from the ball, and still makes a perfect throw to 3rd. The second best part of the throw is the reaction by the baserunner who was just gunned out. He did everything right, gets thrown out, grins sheepishly, and knows he was just nailed. For good measure he nails a second runner at the plate the very next inning.

I’m not sure if Verdugo will even be a Dodger because he has such high trade value, but if he does I look forward to seeing that rocket arm.

I grew up in the Glendale Verdugo Woodlands, and spent many moments driving Verdugo Blvd. If Verdugo can make it to the Ravine, he’ll have his street already waiting for him.


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