Dodger History – One year ago Clayton blanked the Phillies, making the Dodger run 42 – 8

Kershaw defeats Phillies 5 - 0
The 2013 Dodgers started the streak on June 22nd, their record at the time was 30 – 42, 9.5 games back of 1st place, firmly entrenched in last place. In one of the greatest runs in baseball history the Dodgers climbed over four teams in just twenty-five games, and would never look back winning the 2013 Western Division by 11 games.

Clayton Kershaw shutout the Phillies 5-0, moving the Dodgers to 42 – 8 over their last 50 games. It also gave the Dodgers a 1o game winning streak, their  first double-digit winning streak since 2006.  Per Eric Stephen The Los Angeles Dodgers now have eight double digit winning streaks in their history. The 42 – 8 equals the 1941 Yankees and 1942 Cardinals for the best record for that span of games since 1900.

Taking a look back at that run a year later it is still mind boggling that a team with 42 losses after 72 games, could win 42 games in only fifty games. Who does that?






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