Jose De Leon, 21 year old 2012 24th round draft pick makes the Baseball America Hot Sheet

Jose De Leon

 Not be to confused with slugging 18 year old Julian Leon, Jose De Leon tries to make his own name.

0. Jose De Leon, rhp, Dodgers
Jose-De Leon-2014-bm

The Scoop: With a young pitcher, a tweak here or there, or a new pitch can often make a dramatic difference. A year ago, De Leon, a 24th-round pick out of Southern in 2013, was way over his head in the Pioneer League. But over the offseason, he got in better shape, and the Dodgers moved him from the third base side to the middle of the rubber, which allowed him to be more direct to the plate with his cross-fire delivery. Pair that with a jump in his velocity (he now pitches at 92-96 mph) and De Leon is a force to be reckoned with. He’s allowed four earned runs in his last 37 2/3 innings and dominated in his Midwest League debut, allowing one run on three hits while striking out seven in six innings.


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