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Weaver time

Jered Weaver is a pitcher, not a very good pitcher anymore, but nonetheless, he’s a pitcher. At one time Weaver was one of the best in the game, but that time has long past. He gets by on guile alone now, with a fastball velocity that is the lowest for any right-handed major league pitcher …

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Check that – Weaver to start game 4

Yesterday the Padres announced that Jered Weaver was going to start game three and I wrote a little blurb about how that was the game to see next week, but they corrected themselves and announced later that Jered Weaver was going to start game four instead. Which now makes it the perfect game to attend …

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Get your tickets now – Weaver will start game 3

Opening day doesn’t cut it for me anymore, maybe someday when there is a ring ceremony to accompany the pageantry, otherwise, it is just to expensive a ticket for me to justify. ¬†Even when I had season tickets I’d sell opening day to help defray the cost of the season tickets. I always felt that …

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