The Kids Aren’t Alright

With David Price opting out and no other options the Dodgers are trying to win a World Championship by cobbling together important games from two rookies who had tremendous regular season success but it isn’t working.

Tony Gonsolin has made three appearances so far and each time has left the Dodgers behind the eight ball when he’s left the game. They were able to come back from his troubles in the NLCS game 7 because of all the relief pitchers who followed him along with great defense and timely offense but Tampa has better pitching and four runs should be able to beat this Tampa team if the pitching does their job.
Series    Opp Rslt Inngs  IP H ER BB SO HR   ERA
NLCS g2   ATL L7-8  GS-5 4.1 3  5  3  7  1 10.38
NLCS g7   ATL W4-3   2-4 2.0 2  2  3  1  1  9.95
WS g2     TBR L4-6  GS-2 1.1 1  1  1  1  1  9.39
                         7.2 6  8  7  9  3  9.39
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Generated 10/22/2020.

Dustin May had a great start to his 2020 postseason with three straight scoreless performances but has now given up eight hits in his last three outing while only getting 9 outs along with five runs.

Series    Opp  Rslt Inngs   IP  H ER BB SO  ERA
NLDS g1   SDP  W5-1   5-6  2.0  0  0  0  3 0.00
NLDS g3   SDP W12-3  GS-1  1.0  0  0  1  1 0.00
NLCS g1   ATL  L1-5   7-8  1.2  1  0  1  2 0.00
NLCS g5   ATL  W7-3  GS-2  2.0  3  1  2  3 1.35
NLCS g7   ATL  W4-3  GS-1  1.0  1  1  2  1 2.35
WS g2     TBR  L4-6   4-5  1.1  4  3  0  1 5.00
                          12.1 12  6  7 12 4.38
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Generated 10/22/2020.

With the series now guaranteed to go at least five games, if they lose one more game they will have to have another bullpen game.

You have Buehler lined up for game three

Urias for game four

Kershaw is going to have to pitch game five on four days rest

Game six is next Tuesday, Buehler is pitching on Friday, so he is either going to go on three days rest or the bullpen brigade will need to pitch game six leaving Buehler/Urias for game seven. If they do go with a bullpen game for game six will they go to the well one more time with the some combo of Gonsolin/May to start the game or try a different option like Alex Wood who has who looked extremely good so far this postseason.

It would be prudent for the Dodgers to win this in five games because otherwise we are probably looking at another game seven.


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