Here we go again

For the third time in four years the Dodgers are one series away from becoming World Champions and this is the year they do it. They won’t be playing the cheating Astros, they won’t be playing a better Red Sox team, they will be playing a very good Tampa Bay team, but it wouldn’t have mattered who they are playing this year.

This year, they would have beat anyone.

Am I high after coming back from being down 3 – 1 against the Braves?


Am I about to write my most optimistic column ever about the Dodgers?

Yes, yes I am

The Dodgers are going to win this series, they are going to be 2020 World Champions. It isn’t because Tampa is an inferior team, it is because eventually when you knock on the door this many times, the breaks eventually go your way. I won’t be dissuaded from this feeling even if the Dodgers lose game 1, and game 2, and game 3.

It won’t be easy but when this is all said and done, I’ll be writing a column about all the great moments of the 2020 World Series.

This is your 1981

Congratulations long suffering Dodger fans. You earned this.


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