Here we go again

This is more the same, but completely different at the same time. For the eighth time in row the Dodgers will try once again to win a World Championship and at no time has the path been as easy as this path appears to be, but with one huge exception. The dreaded 3-Game Wild Card Series.

The Dodgers are the best team in baseball, the only thing is proving in October they are the best team in baseball. They lost one series all year and can’t afford to lose one more. We have been here before, and while they don’t have a championship to show for it, most of baseball understands they would have been the 2017 World Champions if not for some spectacular cheating by Houston. Or maybe not, it is very possible that if Houston is not cheating, they don’t even beat the Yankees, and who knows who wins a Dodger/Yankee World Series, but I think we all know who wins a Dodger / Houston World Series if the trash cans were not be banged.

Let’s get back to the 2020 path. The Dodgers will start it off against the Brewers who were the worst team to make the postseason in 2020. On top of that, the Brewers are without their ace rotation piece, and the best setup man in baseball in 2020. Basically you have a mediocre team without two of their best players. Anyone can win two games in a three game series but instead of worrying about that, we should probably focus on the fact the Dodgers have the advantage at every single position on the diamond, the better rotation options for every game even if it goes three, and a bullpen that shouldn’t need to protect a one or two run lead.

The Brewer rotation is such a mess they are using an opener for the most important game of their season while the Dodgers are countering with a pitcher who might have the best stuff in baseball and is well rested.

I’m not going to spend much time on the Brewers, I just don’t think they can win two games, but if they do, whatever, this is 2020.

I’m just curious who steps up or down for the Dodgers in this series. Last year AJ and Seager wore the offensive horns in the NLDS. I hope they both start the postseason hot and get that bad taste out of Dodger fans mouths. Every Dodger hitter has the ability to carry the team to two victories, every one including Rios or Joc on the bench.

I feel the Dodgers have the offense to bludgeon their way to a World Championship, that the pitching for other teams will stumble with no off days, and while the Dodger pitching may also stumble, no one can match the Dodger offense so as the postseason moves from series to series, the deep Dodger offense will be the difference maker.

They just need to take care of business against the Brewers.

Enjoy the series


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