Cole Whiners

Last night the Dodgers missed out on Gerrit Cole when the front office refused to give Cole the largest pitching contract in baseball history and Dodger Twitter exploded in indignation as they watched their perceived best chance at winning a World Championship go down the drain.

Not that Gerrit Cole won a World Championship with Houston. Even as his teammates tried their best to trash can themselves to the Championship, they came up short. I understand that Cole is “currently” the best pitcher in baseball, but baseball is about the future and the odds are good that Gerrit Cole just had his best season at exactly the right time.

Much like CC Sabathia had his best season at age 27 just before hitting free agency and being signed by the Yankees to his historic deal in the winter of 2008, Gerrit Cole has cashed in. Sabathia had some great seasons early on for the Yankees but just four years into the contract he became a below-average pitcher putting up a 95 ERA+ from 2013 – 2017. During that final four year run CC was paid $98 Million and hampered the Yankee’s ability to compete.


The Yankees did win a World Championship in the very first year of CC’s contract and maybe that is all it takes to justify the contract.

The World Championship.

That is after all the holy grail.



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