Dodger fans don’t dare leave early anymore

The improbable Max Muncy was the latest Dodger walk-off hero yesterday, blasting a two-run run double to plate Seager with the running run against one of the best closers in baseball. For Dodger fans, it never gets old even if they have already done it nine times this year.

If you love baseball you had to love the Max Muncy at-bat against Kirby Yates, and the incredible insight that Orel Hershiser was delivering with each pitch.  Made me feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have access to the Dodger games.

Blake Harris has captured all NINE walk-off victories with this comprehensive compilation tweet that should be in every Dodger fans library.

These walk-offs don’t even include games they have come from behind while on the road like the recent Will Smith blasts in Washington and Colorado. Speaking of Will Smith, he has an OPS+ of 199 with 86 plate appearances.

Still waiting for Seager to get hot again, think it is coming, maybe even this series against the Cardinals which will feature both rookies Gonsolin and May getting starts Should be fun, and maybe by the end of the three-game series, the Dodgers will have ten walk-off wins in 2019.




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