Anyone curious how Bellingers first 100 Plate Appearances of 2019 compare to Puig’s in 2013?

Cody Bellinger has now accumulated 100 plate appearances and it is probably the greatest stretch of 100 plate appearances we will ever see from a Dodger.  I thought it would be fun to compare this stretch to the first 100 PA of Puig when Puig first showed up, because they are both age 23, they are both playing right field, and those first 100 plate appearances by Puig was probably the greatest stretch of offense and defense I’ve seen from any Dodger in my lifetime.

Now I had to stop at 98 for Puig because that is where the Baseball Ref Game log took me. That stretch is from game one on June one on June 3rd, to game 24 on June 28th.

It is cool to see that they both have the exact same batting average (.424), but Bellinger blows Puig away in OBP and Slug. During that Puig stretch, we have to remember the throws he made that put his arm on the map, but Bellinger has made a few of his own defensive highlight reels, taking a home run away from Yelich the other day.

Year                Age PA  R  H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO   BA  OBP  SLG   OPS 
Bellinger - 2019    23 100 26 36  4  1 11  28 13 12 .424 .500 .882 1.382
Puig      - 2019    23 98  16 39  4  0 7   16 4  19 .424 .459 .696 1.155

Thanks to Baseball Reference for this information.


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