Dodgers have reeled off four straight games scores > 64, can Julio Urias make it five?

The last time a Dodger starter was hammered was when Julio Urias took the mound on April 12th. Since that point, Caleb was an opener, but Ross, Clayton, Kenta, and Walker have all fired excellent games giving up just four runs in twenty-eight innings. Urias gave up five runs in five innings all by himself in his last start.

When Julio threw five dominant innings in his first start of 2019 I had hoped that he was going to take the gift of the Rich Hill injury and run with it making a case to stay in the rotation.  His second start didn’t go as well and his 3rd start was horrible.  With Kershaw back, with Rich Hill on the horizon, and with Ross Stripling pitching as well as anyone in the rotation, this could very well be the last start that Urias makes until the next Dodger hurler suffers an injury.  Given that three-fifths of the rotation has already been on the DL he may not have to wait very long.

It would help his case to pitch a good game after two bad ones.  I don’t expect middling games from Julio Urias, I have great expectations for him and he’ll be facing the hottest hitter in baseball in 2018 MVP Yelich and one of the best hitters against lefties in Lorenzo Cain.   Urias needs to cool them down if the Dodgers are going to remind them why the Dodgers were the 2018 NL Champions.

He can do it



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