Oh look, an actual roster battle is happening

As usual, the final position spot on the Dodgers 25 man roster has created a bit of controversy.  In the end, none of it will probably matter but as fans debate whether they would rather have top outfield prospect, Alex Verdugo make the team or journeyman infielder Brad Miller, keep in mind that last April Max Muncy didn’t make the team out of spring training. Neither did Walker Buehler.  Logan Forsythe was the starting 2nd baseman. Corey Seager was the starting shortstop even with a bad wing.  Wilmer Font was the surprise pick on the 25 man roster.

As roster building goes, with the current Dodger roster, it would seem to make more sense in carrying the left hand hitting infielder Brad Miller over the left-handed hitting outfielder Alex Verdugo for these reasons:

  • Corey Seager has yet to even play in a major league spring training game. They say he will be ready when the season starts, but to expect Seager to be a nine-inning shortstop from the get-go seems a tad unrealistic. Which means that he’ll need a caddy, and that means one of the two current 2nd basemen, will need to play shortstop.
  • The Dodgers have two right-handed hitting second baseman, one of which will be the starter, and the other will be playing left field against right-hand pitching.
  • You don’t lose Alex Verdugo if you choose the Brad Miller insurance policy, but you do lose the Brad Miller insurance policy if you choose Alex Verdugo.
  • Alex Verdugo was not able to beat out Joc Pederson for the starting gig in left field against right-hand pitchers.   He may not have anything to prove by starting every day in AAA, but what value does he give the team on the bench?  He won’t be needed as a defensive replacement since Cody/A.J./Joc won’t need defensive help. His speed is mediocre so he doesn’t add a speed dimension.
  • Also, who can’t help but wonder if Brad Miller could be the next in the line after Justin Turner, Chris Taylor and Max Muncy turned around their middling careers after joining the Dodgers?  Heck, Taylor and Miller were once doing a job sharing of the shortstop gig for the Mariners.

Anyway, Jon Weisman asked his followers what they thought. Enjoy the thread.

The argument for Alex Verdugo is that his contact bat may play better off the bench. He might learn something about makeup if he’s around major league players and coaches like Chase Utley.

I don’t care either way, after a month, whatever decision they make today probably won’t be standing by May. Things happen, I don’t know what will happen, but I’ll always bet on something happening.

Max Muncy could fail miserably and thus make Cody Bellinger the 1st baseman again with Verdugo becoming the right fielder

Pollock could have yet another fluke injury

Joc could regress back to 2017

Seager could prove to be a brittle shortstop

Hernandez could fail at being a starting 2nd baseman, or Chris Taylor could fail at being a starting 2nd baseman.


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