The Dodgers can handle all the shit that gets thrown at them

In their quest for the 7th straight postseason appearance, the Dodgers have built the team around pitching. They had so much pitching they moved Alex Wood in the Puig deal for prospects on the dollar.

In my previous column, I looked at what could happen if everything goes wrong for the team.  The odds of that happening are slim. This team is built to withstand gut punches up the wazoo. The infamous depth is at play once again.

Breaking it down:

1st Base – Max Muncy has the gig. If Max can’t handle it, he gets replaced by the most athletic 1st baseman in baseball in Cody Bellinger. Muncy was one of the top five hitters in the National League last year.  He can’t do that again, and I don’t care if he can’t. I don’t care if he fails miserably and ends back up in AAA. Because of Cody Bellinger.  Max Muncy is not supposed to be here but he is.  Which makes Cody a starting outfielder. For now.

2nd Base – Chris and Enrique are kind of the same player. They both can play shortstop. They both can play 2nd base. They both hit right-handed. They both have some pop. They both hit left-handers better than right-handers. They both can play any position in the outfield. One of them will be the starting 2nd baseman, the other will be an incredibly valuable utility player. I don’t care which one is which.

Shortstop – If had some money I’d bet on Seager being the NL MVP at 40 – 1 odds.  If he does get hurt, the team is going to suffer but for this exercise, Corey Seager kicks ass in 2019.

3rd Base – Justin Turner is the best Dodger 3rd baseman in history.  As good as the Penguin was, and as good as Beltre was in 2004, no Dodger 3rd baseman has done what Justin Turner has done for five years.  He’s going to do it again.

Catcher – OK, you have to be optimistic to say the Dodger catchers are going to be OK. I’m going to go two ways with this. Either Austin Barnes makes us forget 2018 and gives us a solid offensive performance or Keibert Ruiz is ready by August and starting for the Dodgers in the 2019 postseason.  I’m expecting nothing but leadership from Martin.

CF – AJ Pollock. I’m not happy we signed him, but you can’t deny that when he’s healthy he’s a hell of CF. Give me 130 games, that defense, and some offense and maybe just maybe he’s the steal of the 2019 Free Agent class.

LF – Joc or Alex. Whoever wins will be an above average left fielder.

RF – Cody Bellinger is going to rock the Dodger world in 2019. Yes, he is. Yes

But it is the pitching depth that is going to keep the Dodgers afloat if they run into problems.

Kershaw with something to prove. Let me have lots of that.

Walker Buehler doing his best Max Scherzer imitation. I’m on board

Ryu……….I love Ryu

Rich Hill, the best 39-year-old pitcher in baseball

Kenta – I personally would give the keys to Urias and put Kenta in the bullpen.

When Urias and Buehler are finally part of the rotation, they will make history.

Ross Stripling 2018 All-Star. No place for you but the bullpen. If you stay in the bullpen all year, the Dodgers win 100 games.

Kenley Jansen looks like someone out to prove something.

If Joe Kelly is pitching against the Red Sox in 2019, I hope the front office doubters are offering platitudes to them.



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