Are the Dodgers done?

Since Bryce Harper won’t be joining the 2019 Dodgers and A.J. Pollock will, time to take another look at the team the Dodgers have headed into spring training.

I don’t know if Pollock will be playing CF, RF, or Left Field but I’m going to put him in as the Center Fielder with Alex Verdugo in Right Field, and Cody Bellinger in Left Field against right-hand pitching.  I’m going to assume that Cody starts against left-hand pitching with Verdugo and Muncy sitting for Hernandez and Freeze. Also going with Chris Taylor as the everyday 2nd baseman though it could be Hernandez.

This team has plenty of versatility and Dave Roberts could go any number of ways but this is my best guess on what he might do.

Like many teams trying to make a long postseason run, many things will have to go right for this to be a formidable lineup.  Assuming Joc is traded and Alex Verdugo is a starting outfielder this team won’t have any prospects waiting in the wings to help in 2019 unless Keibert Ruiz or Will Smith come on faster than expected.

At the moment I’m not loving this team but it could be fun if Pollock stays healthy, Verdugo makes a run at NL ROY, Justin Turner continues to be the red menace, Corey Seager gets back to his top ten MVP ways, Cody Bellinger crushes left-handers again as he did in his rookie campaign, and Max Muncy isn’t a pumpkin.

Against RHP POS Against LHP POS
A.J. Pollock Center Field A.J. Pollock Center Field
Alex Verdugo Right Field Corey Seager SS
Justin Turner 3rd Base Justin Turner 3rd Base
Corey Seager Shortstop David Freeze 1st Base
Cody Bellinger Left Field Kiké Hernandez Right Field
Max Muncy !st Base Chris Taylor 2nd Base
Chris Taylor 2nd Base Cody Bellinger Left Field
Russell Martin Catcher Austin Barnes Catcher
Walker Buehler Pitcher Walker Buehler Pitcher
Andrew Toles Alex Verdugo
Kiké Hernandez Andrew Toles
David Freeze Russell Martin
Austin Barnes Max Muncy

1 Comment

  1. 68elcamino427

    I like what you have done here.
    I feel that Bellinger is the better fielder over Verdugo and I would play Verdugo in LF and Bellinger in RF if Pederson is not on the Roster though.


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