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A few years back I started to have problems driving a car for any period of time of over twenty minutes. My ass would hurt and pain would start shooting down my right leg to the point where any car travel was looked upon with trepidation.  I didn’t commute to work anymore but travel to downtown for the Dodgers or Clippers or other forms of entertainment meant I’d be in pain for quite a while before reaching the destination. Forget about making the 650-mile trip to see my Dad which I had been doing several times a year ever since they moved to Ferndale in 2006.

I tried numerous seat cushions but none of them brought relief. Doctor visit was just as futile. This went on for over a year when eight months ago I was helping my wife clean out her schoolroom when I noticed a round disk and asked her if I could try this as a seat cushion.


She said it wasn’t meant for sitting but for balance training but if I wanted to try it as a seat cushion, give it a shot,  so without any expectations, I used it on my office chair at home. An hour later I was feeling no pain in my ass or legs. Two hours later, no pain in my ass or legs. At home, I get up all the time but even so, this felt different. Trying to temper my excitement I took it to the truck and decided to go for a spin and see how it felt. Not sure how long I drove but at no point did my ass hurt, nor my legs.  I was starting to feel giddy but knew the big test would be the drive to Dodger Stadium in the Forerunner.  I picked a game and took off, and seventy-five minutes later I arrived at Dodger Stadium with a sore butt but no different than any butt would feel after seventy-five minutes.

There was no pain

I could once again drive without pain and so I made the plan to drive the 650 miles to see my Dad and family. I made it in the usual twelve hours and arrived in good shape. My life was back to normal. The funny part of this story is that when I told my brother about the disk, he said wait a minute and came back with the exact same product. He said he used it for balance. It is sold by Amazon as an Adult Sized Stability Wobble Cushion but I use it as a seat cushion and it has literally changed my life.

Some things stop working over time, but it has been eight months and as I make the plan to visit my Dad next week, I look forward to the drive instead of dreading it. This was a lucky find and I have no idea why this disk works for me but it does.

Woo Hoo



  1. Old truckers tip is taking your wallet out of your back pocket.


  2. Yeah, haven’t used a wallet in years. Now you have to make sure you aren’t sitting on your phone.


  3. 68elcamino427

    This story reminds me of the invention of the Hula Hoop by WHAMMO

    Super Balls!


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