Dodgers 2015/2016 IFA class has been trade fodder

Working off this tweet from @futuredodgers

None of those players have seen any major league time yet, and only Omar Estevez looks like someone who might see time with the Dodgers but I’d bet on him also being traded by this time next year.

Let’s take a look at that class in detail.

Yadier Alvarez – still in the organization, has gone from the number one pitching prospect to a relief pitcher with control issues with the ball in his hand, and in the dugout. Still, his stuff alone keeps him in the prospect world, and MLB Pipeline has him at 11 now.

Yusniel Diaz – the major piece in the Machado deal. Manny had a fractured time with the Dodgers and ultimately failed bigly in the postseason. Diaz is now ranked as the 52nd top prospect in baseball for the Orioles.

Omar Estevez – one of the few minor league players who has played two full season of A+ ball before the age of 21. He’s not climbing the ladder but at least he’s not falling down the ladder either. His repeat season was good, not great, but he was actually still young for the league even though he was a repeater. Might have a major league career, not very high on prospect lists.

Starling Heredia – the man with all the tools but evidently can’t hit. Looking more like James Baldwin than anything close to a major league baseball player.

Yordan Alvarez – traded for Josh Fields before he ever played for the Dodgers. Was moving up the Houston prospect list and is currently ranked as the 42nd best prospect in baseball.

Ronny Brito – just traded for Russell Martin. He was ranked as the Dodgers 23rd top prospect by MLB Pipeline.

Oneil Cruz – traded to the Pirates in 2017 for Tony Watson. Cruz made huge strides last year and is now the Pirates 4th best prospect according to MLB Pipeline.

Christopher Arias – oops, he was released.

Carlos Rincon – still in the Dodger organization. Carlos may simply hate cold weather or love California. He struggled mightily for the Great Lake Loons, but once he was promoted to Rancho, he exploded with a 1.245 OPS in 110 at-bats.



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