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This is two days too late to properly asses how much Yasiel Puig was beloved by Dodger fans but it is something I wanted to do this week.  Back in February of 2010 Michael White wrote for TrueBlueLA and did a fab five edition in which each of the regulars or even the semi-regulars commentators would list who their current five favorite Dodgers were.

We had quite a few replies and it was a fascinating look into how Dodger fans view their favorite players. Mike himself had a strange five that included James McDonald. How many of you even remember James McDonald? His full five were Billingsley, Kuo, Kershaw, Manny, and McDonald.

My five at the time were:

Kuo, Kershaw, Kemp, Andre, Loney

Posted  by meercatjohn  on Feb 12, 2010 | 10:57 AM
Looking back I remember my infatuation with Kuo, my amazement at Kershaw who was about to start his HOF run, my belief that Kemp was someday going to be an MVP but I’m surprised that Andre and Loney made my list. I liked Andre but don’t remember being that big a fan. If this had been the Feb of 2009, I could understand Loney, after all, he had just hit the biggest postseason home run for the Dodgers since Kirk Gibson, but his 2009 was a disappointment. I must have still been a believer.
Eric Stephen put forth these five:


Posted  by Eric Stephen  on Feb 12, 2010 | 11:28 AM

If I had posted this yesterday morning my fab five would have been very tough to come up with. Unlike 2010 I like so many of these Dodgers. The team is full of good folk with Bellinger, Muncy, Seager, Turner, Taylor, Buehler, Kershaw, Hill, Ryu, Urias, Ferguson, ad Jansen among the contenders.

But number one the list would have been Yasiel Puig. He simply made watching baseball fun.

So my list yesterday morning would have been:

Yasiel Puig, Walker Buehler, Kershaw, Bellinger, and Justin Turner.

My list today would be:

Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, and Max Muncy

It is a strange list that includes Max Muncy but not Corey Seager or Kenley Jansen, but Max Muncy just had one of the most bizarre seasons in baseball history and while he may not even be on the team next year at this time, right now, he’s a fab five.


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