Five reasons to watch the Clipper / Kings game tonight

The two surprise teams in the NBA play tonight and if you are just a partial NBA fan, a Laker fan, already tired of holiday programming, or simply miss baseball, this would be a great game to watch for those who simply want to catch a glimpse of the best NBA team in Los Angeles.

  1. The Kings have the guy the Lakers should have drafted instead of Lorenzo Ball. De’Aaron Fox is balling. Fox outplayed Ball in college and is doing the same thing in the NBA. I wonder if Jerry West would have drafted Ball or Fox? Imagine a pairing of LeBron James and De’Aaron Fox.  Delicious.
  2. Ralph Lawler is calling his 40th year as the Clipper play by play man. For years he was overshadowed by the Los Angeles legendary broadcasters Chick Hearn, Vin Scully, and Bob Miller and while he’s not in their league he has been an entertaining voice for forty years. From “Bingo” to “Lawler’s Law”  he is loved by the players and fans and this is his last year.  Unlike the Dodgers and Lakers, everyone can watch the Clippers for via Fox Sports.
  3. The Clippers may not have the rookie of the year because of Luca Doncic but they do have the best young point guard in Los Angeles. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander not only has the longest name in the NBA, but he is also a rookie starting point guard for the team with the best record in the Western Conference. Shai doesn’t just start games he also finishes them, and that is really saying something that Doc Rivers is playing a rookie point guard at crunch time.
  4. BOBAN – if you haven’t seen Boban play, you really got watch this game. Gortat is hurt, so Boban should start. He’s huge. Yao Ming huge. Eight-foot wingspan. He doesn’t have a huge skill set but watching him dunk with his toes still touching the hardwood is something to see. He can even shoot free throws but the real fun is around the basket. As they say, he’s the one guy in the NBA who can make another seven-footer look normal.
  5. Oh, and the NBA Player of the Week, Tobias Harris

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