Three hurrahs for Kershaw and Dodgers

I had hoped those who were predicting 5/150 or even 4/120 were crazy and that if the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw came to an understanding it would be a reasonable one, but never did I imagine that the extension would be this reasonable.

Signing Clayton Kershaw for 3/93 without an opt-out tells me several things:

  • Clayton wanted to pitch for the Dodgers and subverted his ego to help make it happen.
  • The Dodgers wanted Clayton but did not want to be stuck with the possibility of an onerous contract.
  • This just might be his last contract. He has never struck me as someone who will pitch forever since he has a full life outside of baseball.

I’m not as vested in Clayton Kershaw finishing his career as a Dodger as many Dodger fans but I love everything about this contract. I was having lunch with three Dodger fans when it was announced. Two were willing to go 120/4 or even 150/5 if that was what it would take to bring him back. One felt that 4/110 was reasonable.  Those three were all optimistic that Kershaw could regain his ace status. I kind of think his best days are behind because those best days were the best anyone has ever pitched, and rarely do you get to revisit the past but I would have liked to have seen him stay at a reasonable future extension at 20 – 25 Mill per year. I just didn’t think Clayton would agree to pitch for that price. Instead, he fooled all of us and signed a three-year deal adding about 28M to his current contract.

Hats off to everyone involved in this contract. Clayton Kershaw, his agent, and the Dodger front office.

Who isn’t excited to see what Buehler/Urias/Kershaw can do for you?


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