Twittering away for eight hours

One of the great benefits of my Dodger twitter is that I follow just enough folk that I tend to get funny and informational tweets. Last night was no exception as records were falling faster than Grandal’s Free Agent rankings.

Yeah, the heroes of game three were in AAA in April.

Yeah, the improbable Max Muncy is going to end the 2018 season with more home runs than any other National League player.

How I felt about Eovaldi last night and this morning couldn’t have been said better than this gif.

Can’t have a Tweetstorm without the thunder

I should send this tweet to all the Front Office naysayers. I mean come on. They signed Max Muncy. They traded for Chris Taylor. They drafted Walker Buehler. They traded for David Freese.

Lots of humor about the length of the game, but this was one of my two favorites.

This was my second favorite.

Crazy context

An image says a 1000 words



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