Got naysayer to say?

The Dodger twitter naysayers were out in full force after the loss on Friday. Based on the tweets one had to wonder how such a horrible team had managed to even win three games in the NLCS.  I don’t quite understand naysayers in sports. Why root for a team if all you do is probe for the failures instead of finding the positives and hoping for the best.

I’m not sure what is more emotionally fulfilling. Expecting failure but being happy about success, or expecting success and getting it? Certainly expecting success and getting failure is a bigger downside than expecting failure and getting failure but what did you gain emotionally from such a perspective?

Anyway, it didn’t take much to find a reason for hope in game seven. The Dodgers had Walker Buehler on the mound. They had Clayton Kershaw available. They had a well-rested and effective Kenley Jansen.  It wasn’t grasping at straws, these three pitchers were

The best rookie pitcher in Dodger history since Fernando

The best pitcher in baseball for almost a decade

The best relief pitcher in baseball over the past five years.  For all the talk of Josh Hader when Kenley Jansen is on, he’s the best. The best. And KJ had been on.

It should not have been a surprise the Dodgers are headed to Fenway.  What should have been a surprise is how many Dodger fans didn’t think they could do it. Or maybe, Dodger Twitter folk are more negative than the average Dodger fan? I don’t know. I do know that if the Dodgers lose one or two games in Fenway the naysayers will be back out in full force saying “I told you they sucked”.



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