Machado coming but who is going?

This deal could be announced any second but until it does speculation is running rampant on who is headed to the Orioles.  Based on the reporting we have read we know two things:

  1. Five prospects of which none are on the current major league roster
  2. Yusniel Diaz is the headliner

There have been reports that Dustin May is in the deal but I’m going to say I doubt the veracity of those reports. Diaz and May would be alot for a rental even if the rental is Manny Machado. Also if there are five prospects I’m also doubting that May is in there.

I’d expect that among this group will be the four.

Brock Stewart, Edwin Rios, Matt Beatty, Connor Joe, Kyle Garlick, Kyle Farmer, Tim Locastro, Will Smith, Errol Robinson,  Drew Jackson, DJ Peters, Tony Gonsolin, Dean Kremer, Leo Crawford, Gavin Lux,  Omar Estevez, Christian Santana, Rylan Bannon,  Connor Wong

I’d break this down by tiers because obviously they couldn’t have any of those five, it would have to be a pick from a group type of thing.

Tier One – Yusniel Diaz

Tier Two – Will Smith, DJ Peters, Tony Gonsolin, Gavin Lux, Rylan Bannon

Tier Three – Edwin Rios, Brock Stewart, Matt Beatty, Drew Jackson, Dean Kremer

Tier Four –  Connor Joe, Kyle Garlick, Kyle Farmer, Tim Locastro, Errol Robinson, Leo Crawford, Omar Esteves, Cristian Santana, Connor Wong

So something like one from Tier one, one from tier two, one from tier three, and two from tier four.

Possible combinations could look like:

Yusniel Diaz, Will Smith, Brock Stewart, Leo Crawford, Cristian Santana

Yusniel Diaz, Gavin Lux, Dean Kremer, Leo Crawford, Kyle Farmer

Yusniel Diaz, Rylan Bannon, Brock Stewart, Leo Crawford, Tim Locastro

Anyway, we will know soon enough. At this point, we know Machado is coming, and I’m just hoping that Dustin May is not going but if he is, it is what it is.

One other note, while perusing the Dodgers system for this little report I came across Marshall Kasowski who has some insane numbers. Made me look at him deeper and I found this Ken Gurnick report on when he was drafted:

Gasparino said Kasowski’s performance erased all doubts about any lingering effects from the 2015 auto accident, in which Kasowksi was rear-ended by a car estimated to be traveling 100 mph and was knocked into a second head-on collision. His 2016 season was cut short by related gall bladder surgery.

Rear-ended at 100 MPH, YIKES

Anyway, over two professional seasons, Kasowski has struck out 104 in only 60 innings.

He is pitching almost exclusively in relief now and has been with Rancho since June. I’ll be keeping an eye on him as he looks like a fast moving bullpen arm.



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