Max Muncy is a horrible pinch hitter

and that is the only negative thing you can say about the Max.

As of July 5th, 2018  Max Muncy has the highest wRC+ for National LeagueL 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, and 3rd baseman.  Super small sample size may be in play for 2nd base but it is what it is.

as 1B 164 15.70% 0.382 0.607 0.35 0.275 0.411
as 2B 296 31.30% 0.594 0.955 0.55 0.313 0.607
as 3B 185 18.00% 0.416 0.658 0.37 0.302 0.443
as PH 86 30.00% 0.4 0.143 0 0.25 0.294


  1. 68elcamino427

    Blake DeWitt was the last guy who came out of nowhere to begin playing at 3B, then wind up at 2B, that I loved rooting for.
    He didn’t last too long.
    Everyone tried to warn me this would happen.

    Muncy seems as unlikely as DeWitt to last and be a long term “solution”.
    But it sure would be great if Muncy can keep this up, hitting for power and playing a decent enough 2B.

    Maybe this time … IT’S FOR REAL!

    We will know more after Muncy completes a circuit or two around the league.

    Really enjoying this guy now.


  2. DeWit had a nice run, but he was a top ten Dodger prospect when he won the job out of spring training because of the injuries to Nomar and LaRoche. His defense was suspect and he blew that away by playing a fantastic 3rd base, but his hitting never came close to touching the levels that Muncy is touching. Right now Clayton Kershaw is right. Max Muncy is the best hitter in the NL and it is mind blowing that you can even say such a thing and not be a nutcase. He has to normalize but as an offensive second baseman he can normalize to .250/.350/.450 and still be special.


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