American League 2018 All-Star Ballot

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to cast your ballot but maybe that is what I’ll do every year.  With a little help from Fangraphs here is what my ballot looks like.

American League:

1st Base – wow, the options are very limited. Matt Olson has the highest wRC+ at a very average of 115. With no other options speaking to me, Matt Olson it is.

2nd Base  – Jose Altuve is still the best 2nd baseman in the AL, but I want to give a shout out to Whit Merrifield and Jed Lowrie.

Shortstop – Francisco Lindor is a slam dunk with his MVP type season.

3rd Base – I’m expecting this to be Jose Ramirez and it is. The Indians have two top five candidates for the MVP playing SS/3rd for them.

Catcher – No need to fear about Tampa Bay not having a valid All-Star representative as Wilson Ramos wins this vote hands down.

Outfield: Mike Trout is a no-brainer. Mookie Betts is a no-brainer. Who do we partner with these two MVP caliber players? For me, it comes down to Aaron Judge and surprisingly Eddie Rosario.  Aaron Judge gets the vote.

Designated Hitter:  JD Martinez. Thank goodness the Diamondbacks did not re-sign this slugger.

Every position but 1st base has a clear leader and bonafide all-star. Strangely enough, the AL 1st baseman are a mediocre lot.  The highest wRC+ in the AL for 1st baseman is 116, Max Muncy has a wRC+ of 183. Just saying.

Pos Player
Catcher Wilson Ramos
1st Baseman Matt Olson
2nd Baseman Jose Altuve
Shortstop Francisco Lindor
3rd Baseman Jose Ramirez
Outfield Mike Trout
Outfield Mookie Betts
Outfield Aaron Judge
Designated Hitter JD Martinez

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