June Boom

Late to the party but time to put the Dodger June explosion into proper context. Last year the Dodgers set the monthly home run record for the franchise with 53 home runs in June. This June they broke that record monthly record with 55 home runs. Before last June the previous high mark for the Los Angeles Dodger franchise was only 45, set in 2004 when Adrian Beltre unleashed his assault on National League pitching.

Team         Split Year HR   PA
LAD           June 2018 55  995
LAD           June 2017 53 1097
BRO           July 1953 49 1226
BRO         August 1953 49 1246
LAD           July 2004 45 1080
BRO           June 1950 45 1054
BRO           July 1955 43 1241
LAD            May 1979 43 1094
BRO           June 1954 43 1147
LAD         August 2004 42 1111
BRO       Sept/Oct 1950 41 1303
LAD    April/March 2000 41  966
LAD         August 1979 41 1084
LAD           June 2001 41 1070
BRO           July 1950 41 1176
LAD           June 2000 40 1099
LAD           June 1977 39 1119

Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 7/2/2018.

Now let’s compare the big boppers of this June with last year. Starting at the top, Cody Bellinger loves June. In June of 2017, Cody hit 13 of his 39 home runs in June. This year he has 8 of his 16 home runs in June. In his brief career, Cody has hit 21 of his 55 home runs in the month of June.

Joc Pederson also loves June. Last year Joc only hit 11 home runs, and six of them came in June. This year Joc has also hit eleven home runs, and ten of them came in June. His home run ratio per at bat is ridiculous in the past two months of June. Joc has hit 16 home runs in only 116 at-bats the past two months of June.

Max Muncy is the new kid on the block with his ten home runs in June, and he did it with only 76 at-bats.

Matt Kemp hit six early home runs this past June, so even with his June slump he still managed a power June.

When Corey Seager went down Chris Taylor took over SS and hit like Corey Seager. When Chris Taylor went down, Kiké took over SS and also hit like Corey Seager.

Player 2018 Home Runs/At-Bats 2017 Home Runs/At-Bats
Cody Bellinger 8/85 13/105
Joc Pederson 10/60 6/56
Max Muncy 10/76 0/0
Kiké Hernandez 7/79 4/64
Matt Kemp 6/82 0/0
Yasiel Puig 4/89 6/84
Justin Turner 4/71 5/65
Corey Seager 0/0 5/80

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