Caleb Ferguson ignites Dodger offense

Caleb Ferguson has now started two games and gotten a total of seventeen outs but the team has scored twenty-three runs in both of his starts. Can you imagine how many games Clayton Kershaw would have won in a month if the team had scored twenty-three runs in a month back when he was the best pitcher in baseball every month of every season for about eight years?

I’m guessing there are two reasons why Caleb got this start instead of Manny Banuelos. First,  they probably wanted him to wash away his debut start so that didn’t linger in his mind. If that was the case they succeeded. It wasn’t a thing of beauty but he managed to get twelve outs and be replaced with a pinch hitter instead of being removed with runners all over the place in the second inning.  The second is that if the Dodgers had brought up Manny, they run the risk of losing him. Now, I have no idea how big a deal that might be, but given that he is now the last man standing OKC in the system who can reasonably be expected to start a game it might be a big deal.  If Manny had started and then Kenta / Hill / Walker all show back up within the next ten days, they don’t have a place for him at the major league level and they probably would have lost when they tried to return him to the minor leagues.  So they went with Caleb and the gamble worked as the offense and bullpen made this an easy victory over a bad team.



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