Grandal has passed Mike Scioscia on the LAD Catcher Home Run Leaderboard

Actually, Grandal passed Mike much earlier this year but his two home runs last night made me look up the LAD catcher home run leaderboard and I just now noticed that Grandal had passed Scioscia. Grandal came into the year with 65 Dodger home runs and has hit eleven this year to give him 76. Mike Scioscia had 68. Next up is John Roseboro at 90. Yaz would have to hit fourteen more home runs, a pace he can certainly handle. With Grandal set to be a free agent after this year, there is a very good chance he will end his Dodger career as the catcher with the 3rd most home runs since the team moved to Los Angeles.

This was a quick and dirty list, a list of all Dodger catchers since 1958 who have caught a majority of their games. Some of these will have been pinch-hit home runs, and other positions but it is close enough for this blog. I will need to look at Joe Ferguson in a more detailed matter since he hit a lot of home runs (91) as a Dodger but often played the outfield.  Overall Joe hit 96 home runs as a catcher but how many of those were in Los Angeles? A quick look says it was less than 90. I’ll look into this more when I have time to get a precise number of home runs that Joe Ferguson hit as a catcher in Los Angeles.

Player             HR From   To   PA  OPS       Pos
Mike Piazza       177 1992 1998 3017 .966    *2/HD3
Steve Yeager      100 1972 1985 3869 .657      *2/H
John Roseboro      90 1958 1967 4505 .713  *2H/7583
Yasmani Grandal    76 2015 2018 1580 .786     *2/H3
Mike Scioscia      68 1980 1992 5057 .700       *2H
Paul Lo Duca       57 1998 2004 2361 .771 *2/3H79D5
Russell Martin     54 2006 2010 2713 .761    *2/H5D
Todd Hundley       50 1999 2003  822 .826     *2/HD

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 6/9/2018.


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