How do you play your five hottest hitters when you only have four positions for them?

The Dodgers have four positions for five very hot hitters.  Matt Kemp has been here all along,  Max Muncy announced himself in mid – April, Yasiel Puig joined the party in Mid May,  Joc Pederson got the call last weekend, and Cody Bellinger showed up this week.

The June numbers are ridiculous for these fab five.

Joc Pederson 4 17 5 7 1.941
Matt Kemp 6 27 3 ?10 1.314
Cody Bellinger 4 21 3 5 1.311
Yasiel Puig 5 23 2 5 1.253
Max Muncy 5 24 2 4 1.017

Dave Roberts has found a novel way to get all five in the lineup by giving the Dodgers  “best hitter” Justin Turner rest two days this month due to lingering soreness in his wrist.

At some point do they really let Max Muncy play 2nd base? I hope the beat writers are all over Dave at the scrum today, asking that question.

For those counting that is fifteen home runs from those five in just six games in June. The team only hit twenty-five home runs for the whole month of April.  Last year the Dodgers hit 53 home runs in June, the only month they hit more than forty in a month so maybe this team just loves June dingers?

However Dave figures it out, it is a good problem to have, and we can only hope the team continues to make it tough to make out a lineup because of the production from all involved.


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