Dodgers rolled dice and crapped out

The Dodgers didn’t have to hand the ball to a twenty-one-year pitcher who had only started two games in AAA and wasn’t on the 40-man roster but that is what they choose to do for the Wednesday night game.  It was exciting for everyone but in the end, it was too much to ask of Caleb Ferguson and he wasn’t able to get out of the second inning, taxing a bullpen, and wasting a nine-run effort by the offense.

I also want to take this moment to say I wasn’t really happy with the SNLA producers focusing on the family as much as they did. It was clear his mother was a nervous wreck and they could have just gone with the beginning shot and let it play out as Caleb pitched. These emotional shots of the family after every batter was annoying. I know they got a lot of mileage out of Bellinger’s family last summer but that was because Cody was hitting a home run at a historic pace.

The Dodgers had picked up  P.J. Conlon off of waivers from the Mets and he could have started for the Dodgers. He had made two starts for the Mets and while they were not good starts there had to have been a reason the Dodgers had picked him up on waivers. Conlon had last pitched on May 22nd and could have easily made the start. Instead, they had to release Conlon to make room for Caleb Ferguson.  I’m not sure why but it did give birth to this great tweet by Conlon.

The Dodgers could also have gone with Manny Bañuelos who was scheduled to pitch for OKC on Wednesday but they didn’t. Manny was signed for depth and by the time you have to reach for a kid with only two starts at AAA you would think the guy signed for depth would get the call. Manny has earned that start with a solid season at AAA, including getting his command under control for the first time in his career. At 27 he has always fought the Wild Ass Lefty label but you can’t call him that in 2018 with only nineteen walks in sixty innings.  On Wednesday night as Caleb couldn’t get the Dodgers two innings, Manny threw one of his best games of the year for OKC, getting seventeen outs, strikeout out ten of those seventeen and walking only three.

With the news that Dennis Santana couldn’t make his start today, will the Dodgers give Caleb Ferguson another start or will Manny Bañuelos get the call?

Caleb was a bit unlucky in his debut. The first hit batter was a bad pitch, but the second hit batter just barely skimmed the hitter. The hit that put him out of the game was a ball that was right on the chalk, one more inch it could have been foul and who knows how that inning turns out.  You could easily make a case the Caleb deserves another start, but you could also make a case that Manny Bañuelos deserves that assignment.

Either way, it is not a good look for the Dodgers that they have already had to dig this deep into OKC to plug holes, but at least for now these holes are just temp with Kenta and Hill ready to go very soon.


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