Max Muncy doesn’t take Buehlers day off

but the rest of the Dodger offense did.  Once again Max Muncy led the Dodger offense just as he has done most of May.  Before Justin Turner returned last week and Puig got hot most of the May damage had come from the unlikely source of Max Muncy.

It isn’t just an illusion as you can tell from the leaderboard below. I did have to cherry pick because Max has played mostly 3rd base so these are the top 3rd baseman in baseball with at least 15 games at 3rd base.

Muncy is basically the left-handed version of Christian Villanueva. Both failed in previous major league gigs, both are having breakout seasons in 2018, and while the Padres have found that Villanueva can’t hit right-hand pitching he can crush left-handed pitching,  and opposite might be the case for Muncy who has an OPS of .921 against right-hand pitching so far this year.

Muncy is doing so well that to get his bat into the lineup against right-hand pitching, Cody Bellinger is now playing CF so Muncy can play 1st base.  This means that either Kemp or Puig needs to sit if Dave feels the need to start Joc Pederson. On Monday that left Puig on the bench even though he has been the best hitter on the team in May purely based on his beasting last week.  Joc started and went hitless and the Dodgers lost 2  – 1.  You can do the math.

Player                 OPS+  PA Age  Tm
Kris Bryant             169 185  26 CHC
Jose Ramirez            156 198  25 CLE
Nolan Arenado           148 186  27 COL
Max Muncy               148  86  27 LAD
Eugenio Suarez          144 132  26 CIN
Christian Villanueva    140 150  27 SDP
Eduardo Escobar         140 170  29 MIN
Jedd Gyorko             137  86  29 STL
Mike Moustakas          132 199  29 KCR
Matt Chapman            129 194  25 OAK

Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 5/22/2018.


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  1. I went to the game last night and sat in some great seats behind home plate Aisle 2 row G.

    The pitch on Muncy’s HR was was in his wheel house.

    Parra had a similar experience last night. I was going to mention that this guy is a Dodger nemesis as he approached the batter’s box from the on deck circle, but kept my mouth shut instead. Then … boom.

    Only three hits for each team.

    Mr. Utley had a very rough game.

    Kemp going down the line … his left foot crossed the foul line for one footfall, his left shoulder also heading toward 2B. Kinda like a balk for a pitcher. Oh well.

    Just three hits for each team. The Rockies played better defense.

    I predicted the Dodgers would need to scratch and claw this season, but did not imagine things would get this tough.

    The League has Mr. Bellinger figured out. It looks worse in person.

    Meanwhile, the Rockies find themselves in first place in the NL West today.


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