Kyle Garlick FFA Weekly winner for May 7th – May 13th

Kyle Garlick was promoted to AAA on April 30th and has already made quite an impact. In seventy-eight plate appearances in AA , Kyle hit five home runs. In only twenty-two at-bats last week, Kyle hit four home runs for OKC in the PCL. For the week Garlick had nine hits in those twenty-two at-bats. Overall, Kyle now has five home runs for OKC which leads the team. Given he didn’t join the team until April 30th that is both an indictment on the lack of power on the OKC team and a hat tip to Garlick for bringing the bomb to OKC.

Earlier this week we noted the performances of Dustin May, Dennis Santana, and Yusniel Diaz.

Drew Jackson was named Texas League Player of the Week off of his big performance.

Jackson started five games in the week and put together monster numbers during that stretch. The infielder went 7-16 with four doubles, a triple and a home run while collecting five RBI and stealing a pair of bases. He also had five walks and struck out only once.

Justin De Fratus was named the Pacific Coast League Player of the Week. Earlier in the year, De Fratus earned the Texas League Player of the Week.

De Fratus tossed a complete game shutout against Memphis on May 11, the first nine-inning shutout in the PCL this season. It only took him 89 pitches to do it, recording 12 groundball outs while allowing four hits and striking out three without allowing a walk.

Jesus Vargas is a name I’ve never written about but he is one of the few bright spots for the Great Lake Loons. Vargas is a 19-year-old Venezuelan who has made six starts, gone 27 innings, only 17 hits, five earned runs, eight walks, and twenty-four strikeouts.



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  1. 68elcamino427

    This is very good stuff.
    I was studying the Milb stats this morning.
    This is really good stuff Phil.


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