Connor can do no wrong

The week was filled with fantastic performances by Dodger prospects including Connor Wong but the weekly Farm Factory Award is being rewarded to Dennis Santana for striking out eight consecutive hitters in route to striking out ten of the fifteen hitters he faced.

Dennis is 3rd in the Texas League in strikeouts with 23, and is also 3rd in WHIP at .79.

David Hood did a lengthy scouting report on the game over at truebluela. 

It took a pitching performance like the one Santana provided to keep Connor Wong from winning the weekly Farm Factory Award. Connor went six for twelve with three home runs. He hit two home runs on this Sunday, and two home runs last Sunday.  He’s hit five home runs in his last sixteen at-bats.

As of right now on April 22nd, 2018, Connor Wong leads the California League in RBI, home runs, total bases, Slugg%, and OPS. I put the little chart down below so you can see just how far in front he is OPS. A .300 point OPS lead is crazy even if we are only 50 at-bats into the season.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the strikeouts. Connor has struck out 20 times in only 48 at-bats. So………Connor has seven singles, four doubles, and eight home runs and has struck out 20 times. Which means that 19 times that Connor has made contact he’s turned it into a hit. Probably not sustainable.

Connor Wong 48 16 19 4 0 8 17 5 20 0.463 0.979 0.396 1.442
Bryson Brigman 53 10 22 4 3 1 7 7 11 0.492 0.66 0.415 1.152
Buddy Reed 63 13 26 6 0 4 13 2 16 0.431 0.698 0.413 1.129

Other outstanding perfermances this week.

Tulsa Driller Yusniel Diaz showed up this week and went seven for thirteen plus two walks in his first games played in 2018.  The last time we saw Yusniel he was tearing up AA in August of 2017. He picked right up where he left off.  The Dodger top outfielders in AAA are both left-handed in Verdugo and Toles. In AA they are both right-handed in Diaz and Peters.

Tulsa Driller Drew Jackson hit in every game last week and now has an eleven game hitting streak.

Oklahoma keystone combo Tim Locastro and Donovan Solano are both hitting .380. Tim Locastro also hit in every game last week but he did it a little more spectacularly with nine hits in twenty-four at-bats along plus four walks. The difference between the two is that Solano is 30 years old and already has over 1,000 at-bats in the major leagues.

Rancho 3rd baseman Rylan Bannan hit three home runs in one game and added another on Sunday to give him four home runs for the week.

Rancho pitcher Dean Kremer struck out eight of his fifteen outs.  In his last three starts Kremer has struck out twenty-two, with only two walks, in fourteen innings

Pitching in relief for the Great Lake Loons, Zach Pop struck out six of the eight hitters he faced.



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