Max Muncy continues a Dodger tradition of sterling Dodger 24 hour debuts

Last night Max Muncy made his first start for the Dodgers and did about as well as you could do blasting a home run in his second at-bat and making a highlight reel play at 3rd base when he crossed over foul territory and fired a rocket to nail the runner at 1st base. The home run was not a surprise as Max Muncy is a hulking looking baseball player but the play at 3rd did surprise because Max Muncy is a hulking looking baseball player.
Max Muncy didn’t just hit his first home run as a Dodger, he pimped the hell out of it reminiscence of the bat flip home by Hong-Chih Kuo.

Just in case you never saw or forgot about the Kuo bat flip here you go. Hard to believe it was eleven years ago.

Even though Max Muncy is a non-pedigreed player making his Dodger debut it should not have surprised you that he was successful.

Heck, just in the past two years we have seen:

Kyle Farmer show up and deliver a game-winning hit in his Dodger debut

Chris Taylor showed up after a minor trade with the Mariners and slammed a triple


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