Alex Verdugo has a weekend

Sometimes how many hits you get is not nearly as important as when you get those hits. Alex Verdugo made the most of his hits this weekend as he wins the Farm Factory Prospect of the Week on the virtue of his weekend home run heroics.

Heading into 2018 the only real knock on his hitting tool was his power. In his first 35 at-bats of 2018, Verdugo had yet to hit a home run. That changed dramatically.

On his 36th at-bat in the bottom of the 8th on April 14th, he slugged a two-run home run to tie a game his team would win in the bottom of the 10th.

On his 37th at-bat in the bottom of the 10th with his team down by one run, he would pinch hit a three-run home run to win the game.

Now that is a flair for the dramatic. If Verdugo can keep this up when he hits the majors they just might name a thorofare in Glendale in his honor.

His fellow outfielder Henry Ramos thinks he was robbed of the weekly award. All Henry Ramos did this week was:

  • Drive in three runs without a hit on April 10th
  • Hit a grand slam on April 13th
  • Hit another grand slam on April 15th
  • Drive in 12 runs for the week. He had zero RBI before the week started.

Now that is a week.

On the opposite side of having a great week, Keibert Ruiz went 2 for 22, with zero walks and has yet to walk in 2018. I’m not sure why Keibert is in AA right now.  It is not like the Dodgers need to rush him.

It might even make sense to switch him with Connor Wong who destroyed California League pitching this weekend. Wong went seven for twelve with two walks and three home runs. Wong currently leads the California League in home runs with five.


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