The GB&U Game Four

Dodgers win 9 – 0. Record now 2 – 2.

The Dodger offense came alive on Sunday Night while the pitching continued to throw up zeroes. With two games in the book, the talk was all about the Dodgers inability to score any runs but two games later the story is all about the incredible pitching and or the anemic Giant offense. The question today is “Is the Dodger pitching that good or are the Giants that bad?”. As always the answer probably lies in somewhere in the middle. The Dodgers are going to have great pitching but not that great, and the Giants may struggle to score runs but not that bad.

How many times outside of October has Clayton Kershaw had the worst game score of any four Dodger starts?

Player                  Date  IP H ER BB SO GSc
Alex Wood         2018-03-30 8.0 1  0  0  5  85
Kenta Maeda       2018-03-31 5.0 5  0  1 10  66
Rich Hill         2018-04-01 6.0 5  0  3  5  64
Clayton Kershaw   2018-03-29 6.0 8  1  2  7  57

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Generated 4/2/2018.

The Good:

Rich Hill continues to baffle major league hitters holding the Giants scoreless for his six innings.

Every hitter except Seager from 1 – 6 collected at least two hits with Puig picking up three.

Puig was speeding with his hits ranging from 108  – 111 MPH

Cody Bellinger hit his first home run of the season, a real wall scraper to left field.

Dodger bullpen threw three more scoreless innings from three different pitchers. One of those was Wilmer Font who made his 2018 debut. It took a 9 – 0 lead to get Font into the game. Font got help with when Kiké made an outstanding catch in CF to take an extra base hit away from Brandon Belt. Over the four game series, the bullpen outside of Jansen pitched ten scoreless innings.

The Bad:

Have to reach here because it was mostly all good. Only negative was Joc Pederson who drew the collar.

The Ugly:

The Giant offense which only scored two runs in four games and both came on solo home runs by Joe Panik. Longoria went four games without a hit.



  1. 68elcamino427

    First FONT!
    Font pitches the scoreless final half inning of the series!

    First 1A
    Bellinger gets into the hit column with the Oppo BELL-RINGER!
    This guy is so good on defense too, so good.

    Second HERNANDEZ
    Hernandez bolts out of the gate doing it all.
    Hitting for AVG, OBP and SLG.
    On defense Hernandez gets the job done no matter where Doc Roberts plays him.
    2B? No problem.
    CF? No problem.
    Play both positions in the same game? No problem.
    Forsythe’s replacement? I think so.
    Forsythe quietly morphs into the Dodgers Infield Utility guy.

    Third Farmer
    Farmer is looking like he can be the “solution” until Turner can return.
    btw,In his article in the OC Register this morning JP Hoonstra describes Turner’s injury as a broken bone in the hand, no mention of the wrist (jus sayin).

    SS Small Sample Size
    Seager looked better yesterday. He sure looked off in the second game.
    What a great player he is! Stay healthy!

    Out of Left Field
    Let’s get Toles back out there!

    Put Me In Coach
    Taylor does the job in Centerfield and he looks the same at the plate as when he started playing for the Dodgers last season. Love this guy.

    Right Field
    If I can not have FRANK HOWARD
    I will take this version of Yasiel Puig all day long.
    The swing is looking great and the defense is superb.
    Arod is a member of the PUIG MVP Marching and Chowder Society.

    What’s the Catch(er)
    Grandal is firing on all cylinders in every aspect of his game, even hitting the RHP.
    Contract Year! Stay healthy and get paid!

    Barnes is the best back-up Catcher the Dodgers have had since Joe Ferguson.

    Gimme your Pitch.
    The Starting Pitchers have all of their stuff working in top form.
    They’re making me look like a dummy! Love it.

    The Relief Pitchers have been just as effective.
    Could Rick Honeycutt be under-appreciated?

    and now … back to Arizona …


    • 68elcamino427

      Grandal – Intended to say he is even hitting great as a RHB.


  2. I think if Kemp stays in LF, than Kiké has a real chance at keeping the 2nd base gig once Turner returns. If Kemp goes, then we need Kiké for his bat in LF against LHP. Unless of course, they trade for a LF.
    Grandal has looked fantastic, even blocking balls so far this year.

    In my best Gary verse



    • 68elcamino427


      Yes, I did give the Kemp RHB vs LHP some consideration.
      Conversely, if Forsythe is being the infield Utility guy, then Hernandez could still play LF vs LHP and Forsythe could play 2B vs LHP?

      The defense should be much better in this scenario.
      Kemp just can not move around very far out there.
      We will get a chance to see what it looks like again tonight.

      I really want to root for Kemp, but he is just not the same player I once knew.
      Like the old Ford F-150. My 2005 Expedition now has 148,000 miles and things are beginning to fall apart on that too.


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