The deregulation blues

Baseball has to take a back seat for a few posts.

I get it. I really do. I hate regulation, maybe more than the next person because I hate being told what to do. The reality of our world is that humankind has a certain percentage of deplorables and if you don’t regulate them, their worst instincts run rampant making our world a lesser place to live as those who control commerce go down the easiest path.

President Trump has done exactly what he has said he would do. While this 3rd world despot is making news every day with his chaotic regime his cabinet members are dismantling numerous regulations that were put in place to protect our world.

I’m old enough to remember when our rivers caught on fire, our air was unbreathable, our waters undrinkable. People died by the thousands because of the lack of car safety regulations, bike regulations,  work safety laws, and of course nicotine.  Imagine the world in 1965 where 45% of Americans smoked and permeated everything you did. For 55% of us, our rights and health were being trampled by the 45%.  Our pristine lands were being abused by the loggers, the developers, and anyone who saw a way to make a buck. The wildlife was being exterminated with chemicals.

The 60’s and early 70’s were a fucking mess. Think of it as living in the Simpsons Springfield with C. Montgomery Burns doing whatever he wanted with Homer in charge with only Lisa serving as the conscience of the country.

This is what Trump wants again. Anything that stands in the way of commerce must be dismantled in his mind.

I’d love to think we could live un-regulated, that the humankind choice would always be the best choice for his/her neighbors and a certain percentage of us would make that choice but it only takes that small percent that will screw up our world.

The safety nets are being shredded and sure within every safety net there are abusers but should those in real need due to circumstance have to pay the price for those who abuse a system put in place to give the people who need the help the most?

Trump will eventually be impeached but the damage his administration is causing will haunt us for a long time because removing Trump will not remove the movement of this administration. The termites are already in place it will take years to root them out.

In time I do expect this new movement started by the high school kids to overtake a majority (electoral majority) but that will take a few years. This won’t end up being just about guns, it will be about everything.




  1. 68elcamino427

    Regarding Regulation – I agree, less can be more.
    The government does not run any program it attempts to implement efficiently.

    Trump is one of the few people elected to office who is keeping the promises that he made during his campaign. He has been straight up and has not lied about it.
    Cite a lie Trump has issued to mislead the public to achieve an outcome,
    like the type of “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan” horseshit lies intended to only mislead.

    Poisoning the environment.
    I’m old enough to know that in many places around the world similar conditions and actions described here as happening in “the 60’s and 70’s” have been taking place continuously. Places like China, India, Africa, Indonesia, South America and Russia, just to name a few.

    There is regulation and there is over regulation
    and there is regulation with the aim of socialist-style control.

    Demeaning those whom you disagree with by using broad, negative characterizations does little to advance your argument.
    You know Trump’s mind? No you do not.
    The President of the United States is a third world despot? No he is not.

    if you believe high school kids can organize a county, state, regional or national campaign on their own out of thin air, then i have some bridges that need to be bought.
    This on it’s face is preposterous. Someone is funding and organizing it.
    Likely adult political operatives with an agenda they seek to fulfill.

    So this is my effort to advance the conversation.


    • You can sell me that bridge Gary, because if I had a few million I’d also be helping to bankroll their movement just as the Koch families bankroll all of their movements. If the kids can be the spearhead to get more of this country politically involved so that a minority is not running ramshod over what the majority believe, I’m all for it.


      • 68elcamino427

        Whose “movement” is it really though?
        This is the point.
        What could be easier to do than get a bunch of high school kids to skip class?

        Next, match the political mega donors to their preferred propaganda.


  2. Tucker Carlson made the same exact argument today. His usual blur the lines with conspiratorial stuff, trying to project these kids as too young to think for themselves, they’re certainly funded by the (insert George Soros’) of the country.

    I’m proud of these kids, who we so often belittle, for making a stand on something they believe.


    • 68elcamino427

      And i don’t even watch tv, other than the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC football, and some college basketball.

      There are plenty of conspiracies that have been in plain view and ignored though.
      The Democratic National Committee had an obvious one for starters, rigging their primaries so that Bernie Sanders could not win for starters, proven fact.
      Donna Brazille wrote a book about some of the inner workings of the DNC.

      The end does not justify the means when the object of the means is to intentionally mislead.


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