Big moments for players equals blah for fans

The first few spring training games are big moments for a number of players in camp who will never sniff the majors with the Dodgers in 2018 but it is hard not be bored as a fan when viewing these games.  The Dodgers have a bazillion players in camp and thus they all need a moment to show off their skills in game situations but it is hard to imagine any of them having an impact on the season.

It is easy for me to get excited about watching the prospects play but as die-hard as I am I can muster no interest in seeing the likes of

Daniel Corcino, Andrew Robinson, Brian Moran, Ryan Mosely, Justin DeFratus, Brian Schlitter,  Guillermo Moscoso, Jordan Jankowski, Tony Gonsolin, Malcom Culver, Parker Curry, Cesar Ramos, CC Lee.

I wish all of them good luck but none of these  guys are pitching for a spot on the major league roster. They are pitching to make the organization and while that is cool for them, it isn’t much fun for the fans who make the trek to see the Dodgers play in spring training. Which is why I’d never go to Arizona for the 1st week of spring training games.

When I go, I would target the exact time the minor league games open. The pitchers are more stretched out and management is now only looking at pitchers that will either break camp or who have a shot at breaking camp or at the good arms in the system they want to get a look at. Plus you have the advantage of watching the major league game and the minor league games.


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  1. 68elcamino427

    there can be joy in the journey

    “Take time to stop and smell the roses”

    – Jack Nicklaus


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