Chase Utley clocks in at #92 on MLB Top 100 plays of 2017

Chase Utley was the first to clock in on the top 100 MLB plays of 2017 but he did it as a first baseman on May 10th. The play involved a ground ball down the line that hit the bag and caromed over his head but Chase somehow knew where the ball was going to land and nailed the runner at 1st base. At this point in the season, it was generally felt by Dodger fans that Chase had left his game behind as he came into the game with an OPS below .400. It was this game that got Chase going as he collected two hits on May 10th, and by May 30th had moved his OPS from .374 too .477. The Dodgers won the game 5 – 2.

A few weeks later Chase would make this outstanding play.




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