Dick Enberg, the sporting voice of my youth, RIP

We lost one of the great broadcasters of the 20th century last night when Dick Enberg passed away.

I’ve written about Dick several times on this blog. On Oct 16th after he retired from the Padres.

Yup, in the early 1970’s Dick Enberg was my favorite announcer. Sure I loved Vin Scully but truth be told I preferred the styling of Dick Enberg. Dick was a tad more energetic about the sports he broadcast and it didn’t hurt that he was doing the Rams and Bruins, besides the Angels.

and again in January of 2017.

Once again Vin Scully has outlasted one of his HOF peers. Here is Vinny talking with Dick Enberg.

I never read his autobiography appropriately titled “Oh My” so I popped over to Amazon and was surprised to see it is not available in a kindle version but is only $1.99 for the hardcover.  I ordered a copy and expect to relive the sporting memories of my life when I receive it.

Oh My



  1. 68elcamino427

    Dick Enberg and Don Drysdale calling Angels games.


    • Yes, but my favorite was Dick Enberg doing Ram football and UCLA basketball. I always thought of him as a local sportscaster even though he ended up being a big time national broadcaster. Wasn’t he teamed with Merlin Olson for football?


      • 68elcamino427

        Yes. They were a team.


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