Baseball Prospectus Dodger Prospect top ten lists from Nov 2016 – Nov 2017

Now that Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, and John Sickels have all done their Dodger top ten lists, let us look at how they compare this year and last year.

This particular article will focus on Baseball Prospectus.

Baseball Prospectus gave us a great read and it does not appear to be behind the paywall. Any Dodger fan interested in prospects should read the entire article. 

Below the comments is a quick chart on Baseball Prospectus Dodger Rankings comparing Nov 2016 with Nov 2017.

Yadier Alvarez was ranked number one in Nov 2016 but he struggled most of the season, while Cody Bellinger won unanimous NL ROY honors.   Jose De Leon was ranked 3rd before he was traded, and he basically missed the whole season to injury but didn’t pitch well even when he did get on the mound.  The Dodgers traded the right pitcher for Logan Forsythe.

They have been high on Dustin May for two years now. Last year they didn’t rank him that high though eleven was still high for him, this year they really like him. If you read the article you can see just how much they like him as they gave him multiple paragraphs.

Ruiz was not even ranked last year and jumped to the 4th spot. That is what you call a prospect leap frog.  He was mentioned in the Nov 2016 comments as someone who would have fallen into the next five, meaning 16 – 20.

Austin Barnes was not eligible due to service time issues but they said in the Nov 2016 comments that he would not have fallen into the top 10. I’d call that a whiff given what he produced at the major league level in 2017. If you are impressed with someone starting every game of a seven-game World Series anyway.

Mitchell White was able to crack the top ten this year coming in at 7 after being ranked in the 12-15 group last year.

Jeren Kendall was not in the system last Nov and immediately cracks the top ten with a ranking of eight in his first year of eligibility.

Gavin Lux is at number nine in both 2016 and 2017 rankings.

Jordan Sheffield is at number ten in both 2016 and 2017 rankings. I would have gone with Dennis Santana myself as I’m high on Santana but not on Sheffield, though the odds seem high that both will end up in the bullpen.

Starling Heredia is once again not ranked in the top 20 by either BA or BP. Sure hope John Sickels is right on this one and I fully expect Starling to have the largest leap at this time next year.  They did mention Starling in the comments:

curious why heredia wasn’t mentioned at all … even in the “next top 10” section….
He was discussed with a fair amount of vigor, and one of the last cuts. A testament to the system’s depth as much as anything. There’s a lot of thunder in his stick, but we’d like to see him in a longer sample against full-season pitching before we project him to hit enough for the thump to matter. Intriguing young hitter though, no doubt.
ProspecName BirthDate AGE League 2018 BP 2017BP
Walker Buehler 7/28/1994 23 AAA/MLB 1 6
Alex Verdugo* 5/15/1996 21 AAA/MLB 2 4
Yadier Alvarez 3/7/1996 21 AA 3 1
Keibert Ruiz 7/20/1998 19 A+ 4 NR
Dustin May 9/6/1997 20 A 5 11
Yusniel Diaz 10/7/1996 21 AA 6 5
Mitchell White 12/28/1994 22 AA 7 12-15
Jeren Kendall 2/4/1996 21 A 8 NA
Gavin Lux 11/23/1997 19 A 9 9
Jordan Sheffield 6/1/1995 22 A+ 10 10
Will Smith 3/28/1995 22 AA 11 12-15
Omar Estevez 2/25/1998 19 A+ 12-20 NR
Imani Abdullah 4/20/1997 20 ExtendedSpring 12-20 NR
Edwin Rios* 4/21/1994 23 AAA 12-20 NR
D.J. Peters 12/12/1995 21 A+ 12-20 NR
Trevor Oaks 3/26/1993 24 AAA 12-20 NR
Dennis Santana 4/12/1996 21 AA 12-20 NR
Caleb Ferguson* 7/2/1996 21 A+ 12-20 NR
Cristian Santana 2/24/1997 20 A+ 12-20 NR
Morgan Cooper 9/12/1994 23 DNP 12-20 NA
Cody Bellinger 7/13/1995 22 Majors Graduated 2
Austin Barnes 12/28/1989 27 Majors Graduated NA
Brock Stewart 10/3/1991 26 Majors Graduated 12-15
Andrew Toles* 5/24/1992 25 Majors Graduated 7
Starling Heredia 2/6/1999 18 A NR NR
Johan Mieses 7/13/1995 22 AA Oops 12-15
Jose De Leon 8/7/1992 25 Tampa Traded 3
Willie Calhoun* 11/4/1994 23 Texas Traded 8



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