Dodger administration exodus continues

It is not surprising that a team that won 104 games is being raided as other teams try to emulate what the Dodgers have created. Now if they had 250M to spend on payroll and blow the doors off of foreign and infrastructure investment they might be able to actually catch them.

The latest casualty was Alex Anthopolous who will be the new general manager for the Braves.  Alex Anthopolous had the working title of Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Dodgers for the last two years after being the GM for the Blue Jays for six years. This gig was always considered just a temporary stay for Alex, and he played his cards perfectly nabbing what has to be the most coveted General Manager job available right now. The Braves have a brand new stadium, a bonafide super star in Freeman, and a blow you away farm system.  Alex won’t have to work any miracles to get the Braves ultra competitive in a short period of time. I have no idea what handprint Alex Anthopolous had on the Dodgers over the past two years so I can’t give any clue as to how much the organization will miss him.

Other Dodger administration personnel who have left since the World Series include:

Gabe Kapler – Director of Player Dvlp – left to become the Phillies manager. I always thought Gabe was on the fast path to be an assistant GM and eventually a GM so I was surprised when Kapler had put his hat in for the Dodger managing gig. When he didn’t get that, it seemed just a matter of time before he became a manager somewhere.  I’m not sure that is where his best talent lies but I’d like to see him have success with the Phillies.

Jeremy Zoll – Assistant Director of Player Dvlp – left to become the Twins Director of Minor League Operations.  At only 27 years old that seems like a hell of a gig.

Matt Herges – Minor League pitching coach – left to become the Giants bullpen coach. I’m not sure that was an actual promotion.

It had been rumored that long time pitching coach Rich Honeycut may not come back but last week it was announced that he would return as the Dodgers pitching coach.

It will be curious how the Dodgers fill these positions.  With four white males leaving, will diversity be part of the hire or simply the best person for the job,  or can it be both?


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