Will there be Morrow tomorrow?

Brandon Morrow and Yu Darvish are the two biggest Dodger free agents and both have stated they would like to return to the Dodgers. Morrow was on MLB  Network Radio

and said all the right things about returning including that he doesn’t care about closing. Which is a good thing if the Dodgers want to retain Morrow since he won’t be closing for the Dodgers.

It also seemed from this comments that he is expecting to sign a 3/4 year deal. I have no idea if the Dodgers would do that given his spotty health history but this is the same management team that gave 3/4 year deals to Scott Kazmir / Brandon McCarthy / Rich Hill,  all who had spotty health histories, and in Rich Hill’s case, extensive health issues along with being thirty-seven years at the beginning of his three year deal.

Ever since Kansas City turned the baseball world upside on it’s head with their killer bullpen starting in 2014 having a shutdown bullpen has become the priority of every major league team, even more so it seems in building a rotation.

Houston however went the other way. They had a good regular season bullpen that melted down in the postseason, so whenever possible they used pieces of the rotation to plug the holes and for the most part they did outstanding work including Morton shutting down the Dodgers in game seven.  Similar to how the Dodgers used Kenta Maeda but Kenta was never put to the same test that Houston put to their rotation turned bullpen pieces.

In 2017 Morrow paid off like a 100-1 horse but now that he’s shown his legs, you will have to pay even money for those wins. Are the Dodgers willing to gamble real money after getting so much for so little?


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  1. 68elcamino427

    Career Season.

    The 100 – 1 horse race pay off is a good one.


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