We can do it

Eric Stephen penned a pretty depressing historical note on the Dodgers chances to win the World Series.

Needing to win both games at home presents a tall task for the Dodgers. In their franchise history, they have trailed a best-of-7 series 3-2 eight times. They forced a Game 7 twice, but lost all eight series.

Ignoring the historical record, I can find some reasons for optimism.

For one, Clayton Kershaw won’t be pitching the win or go home game on just three days rest. The largest eggs that Clayton laid in the postseason were the game six starts in the NLCS against the Cardinals and Cubs in which the Dodgers lost by a combined score of 14 – 0. Of course, even if Clayton had pitched brilliantly they could still have lost both those games by the score of 1 – 0 because they hadn’t scored.

If the Angels could do it in 2002 against the Giants, the Dodgers can do it.

The games are at home, and until game two of the World Series the Dodgers have been undefeated at home in the postseason, and more times than not, they win that game.

Along with the Dodgers being at home, Houston is on the road, and while they are a devastating force in Houston, not so much on the road.  It should still be fresh in everyone’s mind how Houston looked invincible in the first two games of the ALCS, and pathetic in NY against suboptimal starting pitching.

Rich Hill wasn’t allowed the chance to outpitch Justin Verlander in game two last week but Dave Roberts said he’d have a longer leash tonight. He left down 1 – 0 when he was pulled after just four innings. He’s fully rested and Mr. Hippity Hop is haring to go.

Cody Bellinger has found his swing, and Justin Turner is due.

This could be a repeat of game two in that both starters do their jobs, but once it gets to the bullpen all bets are off because even with the off day, you have to think the arms are still tired. The ball won’t be flying though, it will be cold in Los Angeles night with some drizzle which I think helps the Dodgers more than Houston.

This kind of series is begging for a game seven.

Game on





  1. 68elcamino427

    Robert will be at the game tonight.


    • Prices dropped big time from last week. Down to 500 last I looked. Game 7 however is at $1400 for cheapest ticket.


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